Amanda “arrogant bytch” Music. Tv shows. Movies. Books.
My name is Amanda. My birthday is February the 7th. I live at home with my mom, but I don't plan to sometime in the future. I am working on getting a G-E-D, so I can get a job. Of course, around my little town there are not much options for jobs. I want to be able to get my G-E-D and get into writing stories... or get into photographery. I have a boyfriend. He is a wacky crazy person sometimes. Ect.
I like lots of music. I shall name a few.
Marilyn Manson. Linkin Park. Korn. Backstreet boys. Pussycat dolls. Metallica. 3 doors down. Nickelback. (some)Christina Aguilera. (some) nsync. Eminem. Marilyn Monroe.
The L Word. Spongebob. United States of Tara. Family Matters. Home Improvement. George Lopez. Charmed. Icarly. American Justice. Cold Case files. Dirty jobs with Mike Rowe. Wrestling.
For Keeps?. Disturbia. Transfourmers. The Crow. Part Monster. Jane Eyre. Pretty In Pink. Sixteen Candles. Fire In the Sky. St. Elmo's fire. Joy Ride. Fast and the Furious. Pitch Black. Bad boys 1-2. Freddy Kruger - ALL. Journey to the center of the earth. The Mummy - 1-2-3. Memoirs of a Geisha. Even Stevens. Eagle Eye. Holes.
Jane Eyre. Journey to the Center of the Earth. House ( the only way out is in ). Memoirs of a Geisha. Diary of Anne Frank.

Food. My likes. Dislikes. Gibberish. If you have.
Chow Mein ( chicken - beef ). Pizza. Chicken. Tuna Fish. Hamburgers. Pasta. Onions. Oranges. Bananas. Ice cream.
Chocolate. Computer. Tv. Taking pictures. Cats. Photoshop.
I don’t like people that judge you, when they don’t know you. Dogs. Snakes. Spiders. Planes.
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